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Free Trial Report

SHEIN Trial Report is online now! You can write something about the product you received from our site, tell us the quality of your item, your trial experience and send it to us. But wait maybe you have no idea how to write this report.Never mind, this page will show you step by step!

1. Login with your SHEIN account, find "Free Trial Report".

2. Enter "Free Trial Report" page and click "Post A Trial Report"

3. How to write a report?

(1).Please fill in the blanks with your name, the SKU of the product you receive, and write down your trial experience.
(2).Then please give us a rating in 3 aspects(Delivery Speed, Product Quality, Service level).
(3).Finally, please upload a photo of this product. You can wear it, or just hang up this product and take a photo.

P.S. Please don't use the product images from our site, use your own photos to make sure your trial report is valid, thank you very much!

use trial reports

Our staff will check your report as soon as possible. If your report is passed our audit, you can see your own Fantastic Trial Report here.

So what are you waiting for? Send us your exciting report now!

SHEIN Group Ltd.


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